Why Should You Sell Information Online?

If you want to start an online business with basically zero risk and minimal startup costs, you should consider learning how to sell information online. It is the ideal business model for anyone who enjoys writing and would like to build a business in their spare time. One amazing thing about a website or blog is that you can work in spurts, putting in time whenever you can – or taking a break for 6 months – without harming your business in the same way you would in a traditional bricks and mortar business.

Learning how to curate and sell information online is easy. It will take work to build up enough content to start making money but the process and work itself is straightforward. If you want to build an internet business and make money with information as an infopreneur you first need to decide on what your focus is. Almost all successful infopreneurs have a dedicated focus – a niche – for their content development. This allows you to target very specific niche markets and know that your audience is interested in what you are writing about. If someone is going to share their email address to join a mailing list they want to know what it is they’ll be receiving. A targeted niche helps them feel comfortable that any time you email them, the subject matter will be interesting to them.

The actual prep phase, getting a blog or website off the ground so you can focus on writing has never been easier. Literally, anyone with a bit of help (which is readily available) can lay the foundation to build upon. What gets tough is consistency – like 3x a week or more – adding quality content that is of value to readers. Even if you have a static website with good information, it’s necessary nowadays to regularly add content – usually via a blog – to help with your search engine optimization (SEO). The recommended minimum length of posts is 500 words but 750 is better.

People expect great content to be accompanied by great images. There are a ton of ways to make your site or blog look great. One of our favorite places for beautiful free images is Unsplash.com. But stock image photography is very inexpensive and will do wonders for first impressions.

Until you have a lot of traffic or emails on your contact list you likely won’t be making any money. While your content continues to grow you will begin looking for ways to drive traffic to your site. SEO is critical for organic growth via search engine traffic, but relatively inexpensive paid sources are also an excellent tool for growth. Both Google AdWords and Facebook advertising are proven methods with many saying the value they get with Facebook is significant.

If you feel insecure about these next steps, don’t worry! Learning how to sell information online is easy if you take it step by step. The most important step is to develop your content. The ‘Build It And They Will Come’ approach does actually work to a good degree. There is a saying online that ‘Content is King’ and it’s true. If you have poor quality information how could you ever expect to make money with it?

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