How To Find Niche Markets Online

One of the best ways to find niche markets online is to use the data collected from the internet search engines. For example, Google keeps track of each search query entered from all over the world.

There are different ways to access this information, both Google AdWords and Wordtracker’s Keyword Suggestion Tool are popular because of how genuinely helpful they are in helping you find niche markets. If you are looking for a more robust keyword research tool, check out their monthly subscription option, which includes access to more data and other features.

Once you have a potential niche or theme in mind, visit the online forums which cater to that subject. There you’ll be able to determine what people are talking about, and what they need.

Keep in mind that people are usually motivated to make a purchase for one of three reasons:

1. To satisfy a basic need or necessity
2. To resolve a problem or issue
3. To feel good

Amazon’s Bestsellers List highlights the most popular items from each category on This is a great place to spot emerging trends and see what people are actually their spending money on.

2. Forums
Google your subject + the word ‘forum’ – this will give you a list of online forums relating to your topic. These can be a goldmine for ideas & background information on your niche. Knowing how to find your potential customers, knowing what they’re talking about, and knowing what they wish they had can create the perfect storm of opportunity. The key is to listen – what are their basic need? What problem might you be able to help them solve? What would make them feel good?

TIP: Keep track of the forums you find that relate to your potential niche – they’ll come in handy later on.

3. Google Trends
While some people like them, large sites like Google Trends often find the bulk of their top results relate to current events. However, you can see the top searches for each date individually and may be able to spot emerging trends this way.

You can find niche markets everywhere on the internet. The secret to great niche marketing is to find something you are passionate about – this will sustain you through the early stages, and keep things interesting as your internet business grows.

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