How Kids Can Make Money Online

With a little help, kids can make money online almost as easily as anyone else nowadays.

By partnering with an adult who is able to surf the internet and check email, kids can make money online in a variety of ways.

The process can be a great self-esteem builder and encourage creative thinking. Ideally, the process should be fun, educational, and profitable.

A young person and an adult working together in partnership can strengthen the relationship and create an opportunity for shared responsibility and respect.


This can be a fantastic project for a number of reasons:

• It promotes creativity

• It can be a gentle introduction to business

• A good idea can actually generate a lot of money if it catches on

• It has good potential for publicity coverage

• There are a wide range of products and methods for kids to use to make money online

• There is either little or no financial requirement to get started

• The concept is also an excellent fundraiser for schools and groups

Working in Partnership

In all cases, we recommend an adult work in partnership with a child and that the endeavor be looked upon as a project – something fun to experiment with and not overly serious. It is important that mistakes not be seen as failure but more as ways we now know something doesn’t work.

“You never fail until you stop returning to the drawing board.”

The younger partner can be encouraged to handle the creative design – everything from the initial concept to how the final product looks, etc. However, they are working in partnership with the adult, and it is important that the design be mutually agreeable.

Once the design is ready, the adult would be responsible for uploading the artwork and taking care of all online business matters. This includes all access to vendors, financial accounts, and confidential information.


T-shirts with funny sayings, motivational words or famous quotes are popular and often sell well. You don’t even need to know graphic design since the ‘design’ is only text, and it’s easy to create.

The younger partner can choose the type of lettering, the color, size, and where on the t-shirt it should appear. As partners, the young and old together decide what type of product the design will appear on (t-shirt, hoodies, maternity dress, etc.), and the markup.

The adult will be responsible for setting up an account with CafePress, uploading the design, and copying down the website address where the item can be purchased online.

Once the t-shirt is available online, people can visit the personalized web page and purchase it. For a detailed description of how to start a t-shirt business, please see our article: How to Start a T-shirt Business Online.

Kids make money every time a t-shirt is sold. Essentially, the website who is hosting the design manages the sale, prints any quantity of t-shirts reqeusted, ships directly to the person who placed the order, and pays you the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. This is how kids can make money online.

Anyone can promote the web address through email, phone, Youtube, word of mouth, etc. Since the item must be purchased online with a credit card number, it won’t be possible for everyone in his or her class to buy it without parental consent.

It’s also a good idea for each of the partners to order and wear one of the shirts to help promote it (plus right away you make two sales which will also encourage the child).


Some other ideas for products that kids can use to make money online include:

• mugs
• calendars
• books
• coffee table books
• t-shirts/hats/clothing
• greeting cards
• paintings


Once you have a few sales from friends and family, create a press release to send to your local newspaper or media outlet. If it sparks the reporter’s interest, the publicity can lead to greater exposure and increased sales.

T-shirt sales are just one example of how kids can make money online. The same principal can be applied to other mediums such as coffee mugs, books, audio, etc. These ideas also make fantastic school fundraisers and foster opportunities for collaboration and creative expression.


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