How To Write A Cookbook

Learning how to write a cookbook can be an easier project than other genres because much of your contents are straightforward ingredients lists and step-by step how-to information. But that doesn’t mean cookbooks are boring or can’t include more than just recipes – that is precisely what sets many cookbooks apart.

There are entire bookstores dedicated to selling cookbooks and it’s important to come up with a way to help yours stand out. As with building a website, a specific focus or theme can help you carve out a profitable niche. Your heritage and family history can often help you in this regard – everyone loves a good story.

The two biggest factors to consider when writing a cookbook are the quality of the recipes, how many to include, and its overall entertainment value. For many successful cookbooks, the entertainment value or theme is what drives sales. A well designed cover that clearly and succinctly lets people know what to expect in your cookbook can be your greatest marketing tool.

“I can’t cook. I use a smoke alarm as a timer.”
-Carol Siskind, Comedian

If you’re interested in learning how to write a cookbook, you will also want to know how to get it published and where you can sell it. Thanks to the internet, self-publishing your cookbook is a reasonable option to consider. If you choose to self-publish, a bound copy of your book can be in hand within a couple of weeks, with few exceptions. Providing you are the registered publisher, you then have the freedom to sell it both over the internet and in hard copy.

One popular self-publishing option is Print on Demand (POD), which is available to everyone online. The profit margins are not nearly as high as true self-publishing, but the advantage is that it costs nothing to upload your book and offer it for sale, and there is no minimum order.

A major attraction to POD is that some publishers have a connection with retail outlets including Amazon and Books in Print. Many also have a direct order function on their websites which writers can publicize. Most POD companies now offer ebook publication in addition to hardcover and paperback. Almost anyone with the desire and motivation can learn how to write a cookbook and sell it online.

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