Make Money Blogging

You can start your own blog for free at any number of sites, but and are two of the most popular.

While most people think of text and writing when they think of blogging, you can also create a photo blog, a video blog, or an audio blog (known as a podcast).

Blogging is a great opportunity to express yourself and share it with the world. The majority of blogs are non-commercial and more or less serve as a personal online journal or diary. Only a very small percentage of people who commercialize their blog are financially successful, but it IS possible to make money by blogging.

People who make money by blogging typically focus on a very specific topic or theme. Most of these people have been doing it consistently for at least six months. And with few exceptions, they all spent the first six months writing without making any money. You really CAN make money by blogging, but you need to develop your readership first, and that takes time.


If you hope to make money by blogging, it is imperative that your blog be easily found at the search engines. This means you need to post regularly – at least three times per week. A blog post can be any length, but search engines prefer a minimum of 150 words. The average length is 150-400 words (3-7 paragraphs).

It pays to research in-demand keywords to draw traffic from the engines. Niche market research will also help you determine which words and phrases offer the highest cost-per-click (CPC) if you are considering pay-per-click advertising like Adsense.

To increase your chances of being found online, research in-demand keywords related to your subject and then use them throughout your writing. This is a predictable way to generate traffic and a common SEO strategy.

Making money blogging usually a slow process – you should count on a minimum of 6-12 months before you start making money, and that’s if you’re very strategic in your keyword research and consistent in your posting. Most people start off posting regularly and then get sidetracked. If you intend to make money by blogging you need to ensure you will still be interested in your subject a year from now.


Most successfully monetized blogs have a theme. Whatever you topic, if you can develop a following of people (your traffic), who like to read what you write and who subscribe to your blog, you have the potential to make money.

If you like to write, proficient with online research, or if you have a strong opinion or a passion for a subject, there’s a good chance you can entice people to subscribe to your blog and/or follow you on Twitter. There is an abundance of lousy websites and blogs out there so you need to figure out what makes you different. If you are patient and diligent, blogging can be an amazing way to make money online.

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