How Churches Can Use The Internet To Raise Money

More and more churches are discovering that it’s easy to leverage the internet to raise money without compromising their values or vision.

Traditionally, church fundraising ideas involve public events and local media to raise money and awareness. This is effective, but also limited

The internet has created a whole new world of opportunity for unique fundraising ideas, with far greater reach than ever imagined.

Even if they don’t understand it, most people are aware that the internet has become THE best study and reference tool ever invented.

More and more churches are discovering that it’s easy to leverage the internet to raise money without compromising their values or vision.

Do you realize how powerful this type of fundraising approach can be? In most cases, churches can easily take advantage of the same tools, action steps and opportunities that infopreneurs utilize to make money online.


A growing number of individuals and organizations are leveraging the internet to generate revenue from all over the world. This trend will continue as more people discover that it’s not only possible but also that it’s now relatively easy to do.

While many churches have a basic website and use the internet as a communications tool, most have yet to embrace it as a revenue generator.

Understandably, the most common reason it remains underutilized is that people simply don’t know how, and they wrongly assume it is still technically challenging and complicated.

The truth is that nowadays, with a little help, anyone who can surf the internet or check email can learn this.

The internet has created the perfect storm for inexpensive church fundraising ideas and campaigns. The benefits include virtually no risk, minimal start-up costs, and the potential to connect with millions of people and raise a lot of money.

Integrating the internet as a fundraising tool is a fantastic project for churches to initiate, particularly since knowledge of computer programming or web design are no longer prerequisites to success.

With all the help that is available today, it really is feasible for even the most inexperienced internet users to make money online. Individuals are doing it and, in the years to come, more and more churches fundraising ideas will incorporate ecommerce into their fundraising mix.


In-person fundraising events do something very well that the internet typically does not: they make it easy to build and maintain strong, personal relationships with supporters and donors in the real world. The only problem is that they are almost always doomed to a revenue cap.

In most cases, traditional fundraising events are limited in their capacity to generate revenue due to:

1. The legal capacity of a venue

2. Geographical barriers (i.e. fundraising in a small town)

3. Finite amount of time and staff/volunteers

4. Low levels of public interest or awareness for the cause within the region

5. Using the internet exclusively as a communication tool and not also as a revenue generator

Many organizations have seen a decline in fundraising due to the economy. When cost containment options and reduction of staff or programs are exhausted, creative and innovative fundraising ideas become necessary.

When church fundraising ideas evolve with the times, they open up a cutting edge revenue source which is almost inexhaustible. They can also attract positive media coverage and inspire a church’s image in the community as a leader and innovator. Additionally, by acting as a role model for its congregation, a church can demonstrate how anyone can use the internet to make money.


Whether it’s marketing or fundraising, the more people you can reach with an effective message, the more money you will make. The internet gives you the potential to connect with millions of people worldwide, some of whom will be interested in your cause, subject or area of expertise. Used strategically, the internet can become the most powerful, efficient and cost-effective fundraising tool in your entire organization.

The most astonishing feature of the internet’s potential is the scale – it’s inconceivably massive. Of the 1.6 BILLION internet users worldwide in 2008, 452 million spoke English. There is probably a niche market online for literally anything you can imagine, as well as tons of stuff you’d never dream of in a thousand years. With the right research and strategy, you can connect with enough of these people to generate revenue and contribute to your fundraising goals.


The top 5 reasons to use the internet as a fundraising tool are:

1. Low risk, minimal start-up costs and excellent revenue potential.

2. Achievable for most organizations.

3. Ability to generate and sustain passive income.

4. Access to millions of people worldwide.

5. Ability to generate revenue 24 hours a day.


Below are the top 10 free fundraising ideas that organizations are using to generate online revenue.

Most of the strategies are not new – they have simply been adapted for the internet.

Each one has the potential to raise a lot of money and it’s easy to integrate more than one into a campaign.

Most importantly, they can also be developed and launched with minimal financial expense, or for free. Many organizations already have a lot of content and history to draw upon, and can quickly build a foundation to support these ideas.

The top 10 church fundraising ideas which integrate the internet are:

1. Donations

2. Online memberships

3. Newsletter or ezine subscriptions

4. Special Reports

5. Books or ebooks (i.e.: compilations, cookbooks, poetry books, short stories, drawings, calendars, photos, coffee-table books, how-to, resource lists, etc.)

6. Audio products such as lectures, sermons, etc.

7. Video products

8. Recommendations and referrals revenue(by linking to books or other products or organizations related to your subject)

9. Joint ventures

10. Affiliate programs featuring or related to your cause or subject


With the integration of the internet as a marketing tool, church fundraising ideas become limitless. An organization can follow the same basic step-by-step process that individuals do to launch an online business.

Churches can have a distinct advantage online thanks to their charitable nature, inferred integrity and pre-established credibility in the real world. This can play a significant role building trust in a faceless and mostly anonymous medium.


Do you feel your organization could benefit from this concept but not sure how to begin? We’re here to help. We can clarify any questions you have and can also help you present the concept to your group.

We can also help you research, develop and implement an internet-based solution that compliments your organization’s mission, image and values.

For further information, please contact us.

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