40 Ideas to Make More Money Online

40 Ideas to Make More Money Online:

Are you an infopreneur? We’ve come up with 40 ideas to help you make more money online. They’re a mix of ideas for established internet based businesses as well as ideas for starting your own online business:

1. Start a newsletter and send it out at least once a month.

2. Have a blog and post multiple times a week.

3. Start a vlog.

4. Customize your signature boxes in email, articles, forum posts, etc.

5. Write and post articles online – this will help establish your credibility as an expert.

6. Learn how to participate in forums and use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

7. Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your text.

8. Read your words aloud when proof-reading.

9. Write your own ebook.

10. Create an ebook using public domain content.

11. Give away your first ebook (with prominent links promoting your website or blog).

12. Write a second ebook but sell this one.

13. Start an affiliate program for your ebook or other products.

14. Create an ebook quickly by interviewing a person or individual and then (with permission) publish the transcripts.

15. Buy a decent but inexpensive microphone and record your own stories or commentary to sell as audio books.

16. Ensure your pages are SEO-friendly and your keyword density is optimized.

17. Find products you believe in and join their company’s affiliate program.

18. Be very selective with which companies and products you recommend – your reputation is on the line.

19. Spend time in forums related to your niche and get a feel for your market and audience.

20. Start a podcast.

21. Offer free reports and information to help build rapport and establish credibility.

22. Learn about the power of autoresponders and how you can use them to generate residual income.

23. Get involved with affiliate programs that promote great products or services and offer a recurring fee. For example, a monthly or yearly membership (this will generate recurring commissions to you & generate residual income).

24. Buy at least one product from an affiliate company before deciding to promote it.

25. Create and memorize an ‘elevator pitch’ for your business – a succinct statement you can say in 30 seconds or less to describe your business.

26. Invent a brief slogan you can use for your business.

27. Focus on offering excellent value and helping people.

28. Your online business has the potential to generate significant income – treat it as a real business from the start..

29. By joining quality affiliate programs, you can write an ebook and then include the affiliate links as resources for interested readers. This is how some people make money even when they give their book away for free.

30. Run a contest to increase your ezine/newsletter subscribers. Don’t decide the winner randomly though – in some locations that is considered an illegal lottery.

31. Sign up for other ezines/newsletters/blogs related to your niche. What do you like or dislike about them? Take note, and then combine the best of your observations into your own.

32. Trade links with non-competing but related sites. This can help establish your credibility in your niche.

33. Get people to endorse your ebook or product before you release them. Even if they don’t know who the person it, there is power in third party endorsement.

34. Offer your product on Amazon – this immediately enhances your credibility as an expert.

35. Learn how to write persuasively in your own style. Your sales and promotional text can almost always be better.

36. Solicit co-writers for a project. A compilation with 20 contributors already has 20 people who will probably help increase awareness for the project.

37. Find something you are genuinely passionate about and develop your business around it. This helps inspire your motivation and increases your chances of success.

38. Offer your first online course for free. This allows people the opportunity to experience you without any risk, and simultaneously you can iron out any kinks in the process.

39. Ensure you have tested your ordering process thoroughly before you launch. There’s nothing worse than not being able to accept someone’s money. Test the entire process yourself at least once and make any adjustments necessary.

40. In many situations it’s possible to write in your own voice. Write like you talk. Of course you still need to sound professional if you want to make money online – no one wants to buy from someone with a sloppy presentation. When you let your personality shine through, you bring something to the table that your competition doesn’t have: YOU!

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