Examples of Infopreneurs

Here are some examples of infopreneurs & ideas to get you thinking:

The woman who noticed that many of Ebay’s classified ads were poorly worded… After spending two days writing a 5-page special report on “How to Write a Good Ebay Ad” she offered it on Ebay for $10 per download. She sold 108 copies and made a whopping $1080 in the first 72 hours! The best part was that it continued sell 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week…

A professional juggler’s niche website teaches people how to juggle… He offers lots of great free information, incorporates a few pay-per-click ads, and recommends links to juggling products and books where he earns a commission on all referred sales.

Instead of publishing a book on self-promotion, a publicist decides to offer the twenty chapters as individual reports for $10 each… Available 24/7 through her website, she makes more money selling three chapters than she would with the entire book in traditional distribution channels.

A man teaches people how to train parrots to talk… His website offers a mix of free high quality content, special reports for $8 each, and links to related books and products where he earns a commission on all referred sales.

A security expert uses a camcorder to expose common vulnerabilities in home security and offers the video through his website… It can be digitally downloaded for $15 and DVD copies are also available via mail-order.

A band sells mp3 audio downloads directly from their website and through iTunes… The band keeps 80% of the retail price and makes far more money independently than they could with a traditional record contract.

A first-time author writes a book and publishes online… Within 3 weeks of completion it is available on Amazon.com (via print-on-demand mail-order) and also as a downloadable ebook.

A renowned vocal coach offers her lesson program on CD and DVD and sells them online for $50.00… She generates significant revenue from customers who most likely couldn’t afford her hourly rate or who live too far away to take lessons regularly, and if she needs to go on the road with a client, her online sales can continue uninterrupted.

A wedding planner compiles a directory of wedding-related retailers and resources in her city, bundles it with a “The 29 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Own Wedding” tip guide and offers the package on CD or as a download for $10 through her website…

An internet guru sells 600 copies of his new ebook for $30 each and nets $18,000 in the first twenty-four hours…

These infopreneur examples only scratch the surface of what is possible. As you read through this site, don’t forget to jot down any ideas that come to mind! One good idea is all it takes to get a foothold in the business of making money online as an infopreneur.

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